Halsband drömfångare

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Explore the beauty and symbolism of our natural colored necklace, complete with an enchanting silver metal pendant depicting a dream catcher. This unique jewelry design captures the essence of nature’s serenity and mystery in an enchanting way.

Designed as a dream catcher, the pendant is a loving tribute to the old American tradition of catching and guiding good dreams. In the middle of the pendant sits a pearl that attaches two beautiful feathers, which symbolize freedom and lightness. On each side of the pendant you will find three pearls that add a subtle touch of elegance and balance to the piece.

The lock and lock details are made of silver-colored metal, which harmonizes perfectly with the design of the pendant and gives a sense of cohesion to the jewelry.

Our product is not just a necklace; it is a symbol of hope, dreams and enchantment. Carry this necklace with you and let its presence remind you that every dream is worth following and that the beauty of nature is always present all around us. Give your look a touch of mystery and harmony with this gorgeous necklace.

Längd band:~44 cm 
Längd drömfångaren:~3,5 cm

OBS! Eftersom det är naturliga fjädrar så varierar längt och vissa detaljer på utseendet mellan fjädrarna på varje halsband.

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